Khatereh Tabe

Hello there, this is Khatereh (means diary, memory in Persian), a UX designer with background of visual designer. She creates a connection between Visual design and UX design in order to produce innovative and modern designs.

in her free time, she likes hiking, playing with her dog, watch documentary movies and trying to learn Piano :).

Connecting with people to build inclusive web and mobile designs is something I'm passionate about. I believe the more experience I gain, the more I realize how little I actually know and how much more there is to learn. and I am eager to learn more.

If you want to see some of my previous designs, go to my Behance page.

I began producing podcasts in Persian to assist people in my culture in learning more about design and this makes me happy.

Hunter Design Podcast

Based in Seattle, WA


Bachelor of Visual communication of Arts (BA),

(Feb 2015) University / Shiraz, Iran

Associate of Graphic Design

(Jan 2012) Alzahra University / Bushehr, Iran

Design Skill

Interaction Design / Visual Design /User interface design(Information Architecture /Persona /User Journey Map /User Research/Interview / Survey /Storyboard /User Flow / Wireframing / Prototype/ Mobile Design / Web Responsive Design /Usability Testing.

Technical Skill

Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Illustrator/ Adobe InDesign/ Adobe XD /Sketch/ Figma / In Vision /Adobe Dreamweaver/ Corel Drew /Sketchup

Familiar with HTML / CSS / python /Microsoft Office.


I genuinely love my dog, Peanut 🥜🐶 , who is of the Cavapoo breed (Mixed poodle with Charles cavalier). We have been so blessed and happy since he entered our family. We go hiking, walking, and having fun together everywhere.

It's still difficult to train him properly, but I think we're doing okay :). wish me luck 🤞