What I'm doing at Microsoft :

Well, I can't say much since it's confidential, but let's just say I'm having a blast at Microsoft! I'm using my design skills to make sure even the most complicated business requirements are easy to understand for the everyday user. I create workflows that flow, prototypes that pop, and visuals that are vivacious! I also have a knack for taking user feedback, requirements, and metrics to create designs that truly shine.

I'm a team player, collaborating with cross-functional teams to make sure everyone is on the same page. I also conduct research to make informed design decisions, and give clients and stakeholders the best advice on UX design practices.

In short, I'm making sure the user experience is top-notch, one design at a time!

What Else?

I have played a pivotal role in establishing comprehensive guidelines for our organization at Microsoft. By leveraging my expertise in user interface and user experience design, I have contributed to the creation of a unified and cohesive design language that aligns with our organizational values and goals.

These guidelines serve as a framework for our teams, providing them with clear directions on how to design and develop user-centric solutions across our products and services. By promoting consistency and usability, the guidelines enhance the overall user experience, fostering trust and familiarity with our brand.

Additionally, I have taken the initiative to develop and refine design system components that are exclusively tailored for internal use within our organization. These components are meticulously crafted to meet the specific needs and requirements of our diverse projects and products, ensuring a seamless and efficient design process.

Through extensive research, iterative prototyping, and usability testing, I have created a set of design system components that prioritize usability, accessibility, and aesthetics. These components not only facilitate consistency across our digital ecosystem but also expedite the design and development process, empowering our teams to focus more on innovation and delivering exceptional user experiences.

By collaborating closely with stakeholders, engineers, and fellow designers, I have ensured that these design system components align with our organizational goals, user needs, and technical constraints. Furthermore, I have documented these components comprehensively, providing detailed guidelines, usage examples, and best practices to support our teams in their design endeavors.

In summary, my contributions as a UI/UX designer encompass the creation of comprehensive organizational guidelines that establish a consistent design language, as well as the development of bespoke design system components exclusively for internal use within our organization. By championing user-centricity and collaboration, I aim to elevate the quality of our products and services, while fostering a seamless and delightful user experience for our customers.

Visual design ? YEP.

As a UI/UX designer, I have also excelled in visual design, crafting logos, icons, and stickers for our organization at Microsoft. These visuals capture our brand identity, resonate with our audience, and enhance the user experience. From impactful logos that represent our values to intuitive icons aiding navigation, and engaging stickers fostering a sense of unity, I've contributed to building a strong brand presence and visually appealing products.